VPNs and Link Support are very similar packages based on similar technologies.

VPNs – Virtual Private Networks

Need to connect your home office to your work office, or your two branches together? We’ve been doing this for clients since 1999. Connectivity may have gotten faster, but we have years of experience to provide high quality connections which are cost effective.

All our solutions for VPNs and link support support Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic optimisation.

If you are still new to the idea of a VPN, maybe read a bit more here

We offer proactively managed VPN services. VPNs can carry voice and data, and we believe for a business to have reliance on such a service, it needs enterprise grade services at a reasonable cost.

If you already have an ADSL lines at all sites, we can have a VPN up and running within 48 hours.

We can also bond your ADSL lines, or provide fail-over through any connectivity type (WiMax, 3G, Neotel Flex or Fibre).

It’s important when choosing a VPN vendor that you understand varying support levels provided, and that most of all not all VPNs are equal. Be sure to understand if your service is proactively monitored (or if you will arrive home, or at the other office only to find you cant connect to the office you just came from. We provide super low latency VPNs even on the same ADSL line you already have.  We have technicians in all the major centers throughout the country.

Pricing starts from R450 per month. With dedicated staff to support and manage your infrastructure, and people whom you get to know, large telecom’s simply can’t compete with our service levels.

Please contact us or download our link support product brochure

Link Support

We also provide networks based on solutions all the major connectivity providers in the country for larger corporations, we can manage internal VPNs remotely with link failovers and other useful technologies. Talk to us, make sure you aren’t taken advantage of by large corporates, and get the best from a good business relationship. Pricing starts from R350 per month per link for companies based in South Africa.

Please contact us or download our link support product brochure