About Us

TenacIT was founded in 2009, by Matthew Ogden and has been able to find good growth opportunities in the Managed Service Provider sector (MSP), servicing multiple industries (Automotive, Retail, Engineering, etc), throughout provinces in South Africa, as well as across National Borders. TenacIT is a currently able to manage the majority of all ICT requirements.

With dedicated teams in;
  • Desktop Support,
  • VoIP,
  • Server Support & Implementation,
  • Advanced Networking and
  • Software Development.
TenacIT is an ICASA ECNS and ECS license holder.

Geographical Markets
TenacIT’s Head Office is based in Port Elizabeth, with outsourced contracts for all areas where we do not have a full-time employees.
Regions where services are currently serviced, include South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland. TenacIT can partner with existing contractors where preferred.

TenacIT has direct relationships with the below last mile providers:

  • Frogfoot
  • Dark Fibre Africa
  • Seacom
  • Openserve
  • Vumatel
  • SADV
  • Metrofibre Networx
  • Many other smaller networks within the country

In addition TenacIT peers in Africa’s two largest Internet Exchanges (IXP) with thousands of direct routing relationships to cloud solutions like Amazon, MS Azure and all other peer to peer traffic that may occur so as to reduce latency and improve customer experiences.

What makes us stand out

Innovative Technologies 

Proactive Management

Dedicated Teams

Customer Relationships

Let us provide you with a cost effective & efficient solution for your business