SAN/NAS & VMWare, HyperV

SAN and NAS devices can bring storage to a central managable area, if you have more than one server, you are already on track to the path of creating a your own local cloud computing.

The idea of cloud computing is already quite old, but there seems to be a new rave about it. Cloud computing can very it forms from having everything online and hosted by a third party, or simply having some of your onsite services run on different servers so that if single server goes down, other services continue to run on other hardware.

Having a SAN and a virtualisation setup can significantly reduce your business risk, by ensuring that no single component in your local datacenter (and Datacenter includes that old room you have where you keep the servers).

TenacIT are partners with HP, EMC, Dell, VMWare and Veeam, the leaders in virtualisation hardware and software products.

If you looking for support with your SAN, NAS, or Virtualisation setup, please feel free to contact us. We offer adhoc rates and SLA’s for our customers differing needs.

Every companies needs are different, but the possibilities are infinite to find a perfect solution within your budget.