TenacIT ICT Services: Innovation & Efficiency @ TenacIT [tuh-nas-i-tee]

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Innovation & Efficiency, that’s what we live and breathe at TenacIT! Innovation and Efficiency (I&E) is what drives us, it is what makes our team members read up about new research, new methods, and new best practices, and write exams long after the typical work day has finished.

We do it “to” ourselves, and we do it for your business. Its a key goal for us to improve how we do things, so that it can be a key driver to improve how you do things in an efficient method as possible. If R&D is the process I&E is the reason.


Within the software and device development side of the business:

  • TenacIT focuses on specific Niche solutions, relating to Syspro ERP, general ERP and online web solutions.
  • We are specialists in process improvement by developing and customising around Syspro ERP and other ERP solutions.
  • We are specialists in digital document storage, integrated into any ERP system.
  • We are also specialists in cutting optimization, for both 1D and 2D cutting, with and without the Syspro ERP system as the backend.

Within General IT/Neworking/VPNS/Voice Over IP(VOIP)

In addition to our niche solutions, part of TenacIT is dedicated to servicing customers with general day to day Service Level Agreements in specialist areas, and are very cost effective in outsourced solutions.

With a strong financial background, operational improvement management and programming solutions on the Microsoft .NET platform, few companies could claim to match to our innovative and  adaptive style. This is the age of knowledge, where innovation is sold, not products.

With partners and resources and customers that span the globe, you can feel comfortable that your solutions are , best of breed, cutting edge implementations.

For more information on our services offered please also see our Standard services page

We pride ourselves on being able to solve problems other companies are simply unable to attempt or have already failed at.

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